Philadelphia Phillies Stuns Houston Astros @World Series.


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Philadelphia Phillies History.

Philadelphia Phillies was formed in 1983.They first played sponsored match in 1915 and got defeated to Boston Red Sox.

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Championship Count

So far Philadelphia Phillies won 2 Tournament. Now its 3 including 2022.

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Philadelphia Phillies Legend

Steve Carlton is known as the Legend  of Phillies from 1965 to 1988.He Played for different Teams.


Last Tournament won.

Phillies won their last tournament in 2008, before it was in 1980.

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Won Tournament in 2022

Phillies worked so hard to win the Tournament. Their hard work eventually paid off.

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Best Players of Phillies

This tournament will be next to impossible if there was no team work. But the most emerging players were-Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber and Zach Wheeler

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About World Series.

The First Official World Series was in 1903.Most Stolen Bases was in 1967

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Interesting Fact

Rick Wise was one of the greatest player in the  baseball history in 1971.

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World Series Prize Amount

The winner team of World Series won the total amount of $35 million dollars.

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Amount Each players get in winning team World Series.

the players on the winning team will get $440,000 each while the loosing teams gets $24 million and $240,000 for each player.

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MLB best player 2022.

Mike Trout has been named the best player of the Year 2022.