Vilde Boe Risa
Vilde Boe Risa

Vilde Boe Risa Is Thinking To leaving MUnited.

Vilde Boe Risa
Vilde Boe Risa

Vilde Boe Lisa Manchester United midfielder has admitted she is considering leaving the club due to lack of playing time, citing her prospects for the Norwegian national team ahead of the 2023 World Cup. 

Vilde Boe Risa joined United in July 2021 and was a transfer target during Casey Stoney’s tenure. But by the time the deal was finally done, Stoney had resigned and was in the process of appointing Mark Skinner, who has since introduced a different style of play. The defender saw very few minutes in her first season in Manchester. The lack of playing time has continued this term, despite fellow midfielder Jackie Groenen’s summer move to Paris Saint-Germain, and has seen just 47 WSL minutes this season.

Might be Vilde Boe Lisa gets less time for appearances or no play as a substitute.

Vilde Boe Lisa final words before taking such a huge decision “I feel that I am really driven in training and such and hope for more playing time eventually. I have to be patient a little longer before I think about what the future holds.”

When aked if he could move from United, the club he rooted for as a child, the player admitted: And I have a deal. I think it’s probably a bit difficult because United want me as a player in their club.The coaches want to use me.


Boe Risa was previously demoted from Norway’s manager Hege Riise at the international break in September. She admitted to being the cold shoulder at the time, adding that her national team manager suggested she might need to reconsider her career at the club to justify a place in the team.  The 28-year-old Swedish champion in Gothenburg was initially absent from the October team but later returned after another player was injured.

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Skinner has previously praised her skill with her Lisa’s ball, showing how she displayed her ability in a United uniform, while the defensive end of her game was her first .Suggesting that it is to blame for the team’s lack of chances.

“Wilde has great intelligence and vision. What I asked of her, and what I asked of her last season, was that she had time to adapt to this league. We looked at the defensive posture on the practice field, how it defended the game and attacked the game,” Skinner explained.

“We know what she has with the ball and she has the brains without the ball…she now just has to practice and keep practicing. With Vilde, once she snaps this defensive control into place, she obviously has the talent to unlock any defense attacking Mode.

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Boe Risa is due to be out of contract at United at the end of the season, but the club holds an option to extend that deal by another year that would prevent her becoming a free agent until 2024.

“We know she has the ball and she stays sane without it.She just needs to practice and keep practicing. It’s clear she has the talent to unleash any defense (in the offensive sense) once she establishes control. You will no longer be able to become an agent.