Naamai zho

Naamai Zho-1 of Hidden Jewel of Manipur.

Naamai zho

Naamai zho
Naamai zho.

Naamai zho is famous for Flower Valley in Manipur. It is situated at the river bank of the Barak River. It is visited by people from all over North East India, other states of India and even foreign tourists abundantly visit this place. People usually visit this place for a picnic at Biisho and Zhophao Valley(Naamai Zho). It is around 5-6 km away from NH-1.

Koide village is located in Senapati district, Manipur, India. In the Indian state of Manipur’s Senapati district is Koide village. Under Napou-leadership, Rakhuo the Lepaona group’s Koide inhabitants made their home at Koide.

According to the 2011 census, the Poumai Naga tribe had 1,79,189 members. The Upper Koide and Lower Koide villages are included in the list of 84 Poumai revenue-recognised villages. For administrative purposes, Poumai villages are grouped into four divisions: Chileve Circle, Lepaona Circle, and Paomata Circle, and there are further settlements located outside of NH39.

Cosmos flowers mainly originated in Mexico country. And it has spread all over the United States and different parts of the country.

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Pune city is also known for the Cosmos flowers. But now it has arrived in Manipur and showing its beauty in the Hill of Koide.

The idea of creating barren land in the valley of Cosmos firstly came into the idea of Koide Womens which also form a society as Koide Women’s Society. They worked hard during the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to 2021 they planted the seeds and developed the valley into a tourist destination place. But, in 2021 the festival of Cosmo started in 2021 as the One day Cosmos festival-2021

These cosmos flowers can be seen everywhere before reaching Koide.It can be seen in fields, roads, and houses. But it is mainly developed in two hilly mountains of Koide Village.

Zaamai Zho is locally known as “leshi pah” in their local dialect which literally translates to “love flower.” 

Villagers termed Naamai Zho in their dialect ‘Naamai’, which means ‘residents of Koide’ & ‘Zho’ means ‘leisure place’

Cosmos seeds are sown during February month and Full fledged flowers can be seen starting from October First till November Last. Cosmos flowers are of varieties of colour and heights which are in Maroon, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, And Red colour.

According to the survey collected from the people visiting the place, they were so excited and blessed to visit the place. Despite the hurdles they had to go through the uneven road that Naamai Zho provides.

Visiting the place Koide will be one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. And now it has become a dream destination for thousands of people all across the country. Please do visit the place and feel the great ambience of the place.

N.B-Please do not Pluck the flowers around there. Let it bloom at it own pace.