Gorkhali Community-Reasons Why Gorkhali Community has low literacy rate?(My Research Findings)

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Gorkhali Community-Introduction.

Gorkhali, also known as Nepali, is a community primarily located in Nepal and different parts of India. Despite being a well-educated community, the literacy rate among Gorkhalis is alarmingly low. In this blog, we will explore some of the reasons behind this issue and discuss potential solutions to improve literacy rates within the community.

One of the main reasons for low literacy rates in the Gorkhali community is poverty. Many families in the community are unable to afford basic education for their children, which results in a high dropout rate. According to a report by UNESCO, 25% of children from low-income households in Nepal do not attend school. This is a significant contributor to low literacy rates in the community.

Another reason for low literacy rates is the lack of access to quality education. Many schools in Gorkhali inhabitant areas lack the resources and trained teachers needed to provide a good education. This results in students not receiving the education they need to succeed. Furthermore, many schools are located in remote and mountainous areas, making it difficult for children to attend school.

Cultural and social factors also play a role in low literacy rates in the Gorkhali community. Nepali society values traditional gender roles, and girls are often not encouraged to attend school. This results in fewer girls receiving an education and thus, contributing to the low literacy rate among women in the community.

To improve literacy rates in the Gorkhali community, several solutions can be implemented. One solution is to provide financial assistance to low-income families to help them afford education for their children. Additionally, the government must invest in building more schools and training more teachers to provide quality education to all students.

Cultural and social factors can also be addressed by educating the community on the importance of education for both girls and boys. Programs can be implemented to educate parents and community leaders on the benefits of educating girls and encouraging them to attend school.

Way Forward-

low literacy rates in the Gorkhali community are a complex issue with many contributing factors. To improve literacy rates in the community, it is important to address poverty, lack of access to quality education, and cultural and social barriers. With the right solutions in place, the Gorkhali community can improve literacy rates and provide their children with the education they need to succeed.

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